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Shy baby seeks relief from the midday sun - and from us in Chobe, Botswana

We went to a camp overlooking the Chobe River featuring animal viewing from open 4 wheel drive vehicles. It was a beautiful campsite. After several afternoons of going on “game drives”, the camp director scheduled a cruise down the river in a small aluminum boat seating 10 or 12 people, to permit guests to see a different view of animal interaction.

They really didn't want to let Nancy get into the boat, but I persuaded them to at least let us try. Once they saw how easily we got aboard, they let us go ahead with the tour. Glad they did, because what you see from the water is totally different from what you see on land.

Are we our brother's keeper? Three large bull elephants form a chain and lead a small male elephant across the Chobe River to safety.

While we were floating along, our guide pulled near the shore and, after first making sure there were no alligators nearby, he plucked a flower from the river, one of the lily family. And he told us this story:

Chobe Chilwero, Botswana. Our guide makes a necklace from water lilies

“Years ago, my grandfather was courting a certain girl. On the day he decided to make his intentions toward her known to her family, he came first to this river and plucked one of these lilies. He fashioned it into a necklace, like this.” And so saying, he showed us how his grandfather had made the necklace.

“He came from the river and went to the hut where the girl he loved lived. He told her parents of his love for their daughter and of his intention, if they would permit him, to marry their daughter. They gave him their permission, and he gave the flower necklace to her, like you Westerners would do with an engagement ring.”

“He and my grandmother were married and lived together until the end of their lives.”

And as he finished his story, the guide placed the necklace around Nancy’s neck..

A happy Nancy proudly wears her new necklace

It was a wonderful experience for us. They had not done a river tour with someone in a wheelchair before, but like people everywhere, they were willing to make the extra effort to help us enjoy ourselves.

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