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Photo: On our first trip to Greece, we pose in the harbor at Naphlion

You see what looks like a castle in the water behind us? It is a "Bourtzi", a fortified island. There were lots of these in various strategic locations, not just in Greece. This particular one was built in 1473 by the Venetians, the greatest military power in the area at the time. Their intention was to protect the entrance to the harbor from pirates.

Four hundred years or so later, this Bourtzi was used as a residence for the executioners of prisoners held in Naphlion. It was thought to be bad luck to have the executioners live in the city, so they ended up here. Present day Naphlion is one of the prettiest places you'll find, a charming spot to spend some time to unwind.

Being in Greece is like climbing into a time machine and flying backward, because language, law, philosophy, athletic contests, dramatic plays- so many things in our daily lives- all had their origins in ancient Greece. What is so neat about it is that so much of that antiquity is still there today.

Instantly recognizable: The Acropolis Athens, Greece

This is the Acropolis in Athens. There are a number of important structures on this hill, and they date back six or seven centuries before Christ. The most important of these is the Parthenon, completed in 438 B.C.

There were no regulations about accessibility for those with disabilities when the Parthenon was built, of course, so anyone with disabilities today will have a great deal of difficulty getting on top of the mountain.

Modern-day Athens has a train/metro public transportation which is quite modern and is wheelchair accessible. The Acropolis in Athens is now accessible and you can get fairly close to the Parthenon. (Thanks, Judy).

Click here for the special way to gain access to Parthenon.

Though less famous and not so easily recognized, there are monuments like the Parthenon all over Greece, and if you are a student of history, you will go crazy here because there is so much to take in and enjoy. For example, this ruin in Nemea.

Nate at only a very small part of the ruins at Nemea. Not too wheelchair friendly.

The excavation here has allowed archeologists and architects to reconstruct much of the original setting used in the Pan Hellenic Games, including the stadium, the track, a bathhouse, and a temple to Zeus. According to the myths, this is the site of the first of the Twelve Labors of Hercules.

Perhaps instead of your next regular paperback, may we suggest you spend the time to read the account of Hercules' punishment for murdering his wife and children- perhaps the earliest case of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity!





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