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Monaco, French Riviera

We were driving along the Cote d’Azur. Aaah, the French Riviera, Nice, Cannes...

A delightful young woman met us at our ship and “took us around” the area. The time we spent with her was some of the most memorable in our travels. It is hard to beat this lovely region of our planet- in beauty, in ambiance, and in prices.

Leaving Nice, we passed villas where it would not surprise me to learn that the bathroom alone would cost you a small fortune- prices as awesome as the views of the Mediterranean. We have put in a link to a company that handles real estate along the coast. We are not endorsing them, just check the prices for the fun of it!

The road along the coast is actually 3 roads, or Corniches, low, middle, and high. We were driving the upper one, or Grande Corniche, which had been built by Napoleon. We arrived at Eze, a small ancient village with such winding, steep streets, we could only look and wish, as the terrain was not at all wheelchair friendly.

Continuing on the high road, we came to a spot where we could look down upon Monaco, nearly 1500 feet below us. It was breathtaking.

Monaco is famed for its casino, the ultra chic boutiques, fabulous cars, and Princess Grace.

“Look there,” our guide instructed us. “See that curve on the Middle Corniche? That’s where Princess Grace lost control of her car, went off the road, and crashed (September, 1982). She died the next day...

Continuing down to the town itself, the pictures at ground level are just as fabulous as those taken from above:

This photo is taken of the harbor from the Prince's Palace, Monte Carlo. That's a cruise ship in the center, not a private yacht, although some of the yachts are nearly that size! Unbelievable concentration of wealth.





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